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I'm a single mom with two great kids living near Dallas, Texas. This is my life; day to day things that are probably only important to me. This is my record of my ups, my downs and the road that I've taken along the way. For whatever reason YOU'RE here, I hope you find something you can enjoy and/or relate to. God bless.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

True Word

I am so thankful that God's mercy is renewed every morning (Lamentations) because some of my nights are a true bitch.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm just sayin'...

I am continuously blessed. I have people who love and care about me more than I've ever realized. I am so thankful for the love I feel surrounding me. Friends, family...I am abundantly blessed.

*After I finished this brief post, I turned around to see this. I had to share.

Friday, October 26, 2007

4 a.m.

I woke up with a headache at 4 in the morning. Pounding pain, y'all know what that's like because we've all been there. Anyway, as I get up and stumble my way to the kitchen (don't tell me that some of you don't stumble at 4 a.m.) I felt something cold under my foot. Give me a break, please...I'm begging. I stopped dead in my tracks, as I can't reach a light switch. I finally take another step out and, yup, I step into something. But, at least I'm close enough to reach the light switch. Well...my latest addition apparently had an unavoidable accident. A loose, runny and nasty accident.
After making my way to the kitchen walking on my heels, I take an Aleve, clean off my feet and set off to clean up the hallway, again, at 4 in the morning.
As my good friend, Katy, asked me lately (and coincidentally it was in regards to my latest addition) "What's wrong with you?" I dunno, hon, I just don't know. But I did hear your question over and over while I was scrubbing the carpet in the hall this morning. The only answer I had was this:

On a brighter note, they scheduled me off for this Sunday. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Catching Up

Well, a cold front has finally came to Texas and believe me, no one is complaining. I think that our highs are in the mid 60's and lows are in the low 50's. Feels good, hope it lasts.

Casey came home last weekend. Came in on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday evening. I loved every minute he was home, though I really didn't see him that much. He came home to be a brother. Praise God, I've got the best kids.

Friday afternoon my heart just melted when I saw Casey walking into the shop while I was working, that great smile on his face when he saw me, and we just walked into each other's hug. He then went home to get Charlie and took him to the movies to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. I've never seen it and have no desire to, but they liked it very much. They came home after the movie to get me and we went to get something to eat before they dropped me off and Casey took Charlie back to Denton (UNT) with him. Casey plays dodgeball with a group of students on Friday nights at 11 p.m. Charlie wasn't thrilled with the idea of playing dodgeball, but he ended up enjoying it a great deal, then they spent the night in Casey's dorm room as his roommate had gone home for the weekend. Charlie told me they stayed up till 7 a.m. playing guitar hero and slept in till about 4 p.m.
When they got home, I took Casey shopping for some clothes that he needed and then Casey took Charlie to Thrillvania (haunted houses and all that) in Terrell, Texas. While there, Casey bought Charlie a tee shirt (glow in the dark werewolf, which is pretty cool if I do say so).

Sunday morning I made orange rolls (the boy's favorites) and we headed off to church. Church is now The Potter's House in Dallas. We've attended Fellowship Church in Plano since they opened their doors about 3 years ago. I've had to drag Charlie there (and every where else) as he's simply not a 'church person'. He calls himself agnostic. It's okay, I was an atheist until I was 26, I know what God can do. Anyway, I love Fellowship. I love the teaching, the music, the people. So changing churches is NOTHING against Fellowship. I've been drawn in the spirit to The Potter's House for awhile, but because of the distance, I've put it off. Well, there was a reason I was being drawn there.
The first Sunday we attended, I saw Charlie participating in the praise and worship. Even though at Fellowship the music is Christian rock, Charlie has never sang or done anything but looked bored. When I saw him singing and clapping his hands, my spirit soared. Later, when the teaching began, and if you've never seen T.D. Jakes, the man teaches, I was taking notes and I saw something spring up on my left and when I looked up, I saw Charlie standing up, clapping like his hands were on fire and a smile from ear to ear on his face. I started to cry. Joyful crying. For whatever reason, Charlie was touched here. He 'got' it, and he 'got' it all throughout the service. It was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. Casey asked to be baptized when he was 7 years old. He was baptized again at 17 during a church retreat because he wanted to renew his dedication. I've never known Casey to not love the Lord. So, seeing this happening with Charlie, well, it's indescribable. Did Charlie accept Christ? No. But he's opened the door that he's kept securely locked all of his life. Sunday I got to go to church with both of my boys again, which I've missed so much since Casey went to college, and for the first time, we all were not only in church, but we were having church.

I had to be at work at 5 on Sunday. The Potter's House starts at 11:30 and we're getting out around 2:30. Seems like a long time? No, it's wild how you never once look at your watch here and that is honestly something I can't say about anywhere else I've been since moving to Texas. Y'all know how I have no sense of direction. I can get lost walking to my mail box. Well, I got lost coming home. Took about an hour to find my way out of a 10 mile radius. Mark ended up having to help us by phone with his atlas. But finally, we were back on 635 working our way to 75 North (Texans, y'all know what I'm talking about) and back to Plano where we stopped to have lunch...uhhh, dinner.

When I got to work, still thrilled with having done 'church' with my boys, and Casey and I seeing the way it's touching Charlie, my manager told me she needed me to start working Sunday mornings/afternoons. I work 6 days a week, any and all hours she needs me, asking only to be accommodated Sunday church hours. So, I told her no and that this was not open for discussion. She wanted to "discuss" it anyway. She told me that she could not let me have those hours off every Sunday anymore. :) I won't go into all the details, only to say that I refuse to argue and I have an annoying habit of remaining calm when others heat up. At the end of it all, I assured her that regardless of what she scheduled me for on Sundays, that I would not come in until after church. You know, when God's opening doors Satan will do everything he can to keep you from going through them. Satan is not going to close this door opening up for Charlie. So...we'll see how much they want to keep me there, huh? I understand that they want me there at peak times. I won a contest the company had nation wide among it's top sales, and I've only been in retail for 5 months. God blesses me. But I will not compromise on this.

I'm going to give you some photo's the boys and I took from this weekend and a little video I found on youtube of T.D. Jakes. Enjoy.

Oh, and please continue to keep us in your prayers. Love you all.

Charlie relaxing with Danny

Charlie being Charlie

Casey relaxing with Danny. Yup, Danny is loved. :)

Charlie asleep with Danny.

Bobby has decided she likes paper towels. This was a brand new roll. First time she's ever done this...better be the last.

Danny and Porter playing...on my bed.

Butchie is bored with it all. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

He's Here!

Lovelladro and her husband, Adam, welcomed their little boy, Chase, into the world this morning. He is so precious! Please lift this family up in prayer, and praise God for the miracle that is life.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Still Here

Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm good, the boys are good and the zoo is fine. :) Just working and very, very tired.

I fell over one of my dogs (black lab in the middle of the night, hey...it could happen to anyone) and twisted my ankle which swelled up and was a source of great pain for me for a couple of days...but I didn't miss any work. Nope. And I've got to say, they gave me work that I could do by either standing still or by putting a chair up under my knee to keep me from putting weight on it. I really appreciated that. It's all good now.

Casey is coming home for the entire weekend, I'm excited about that. Charlie and I have started attending The Potter's House church (T.D. Jakes) the last few weeks and we love it. Casey is going with us on Sunday, I'm really looking forward to worshiping with both of my boys again.

So, life is still good and I'm still blessed.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm a fan

I don't know if you've ever checked this lady (Peace Of My Mind) out in my favorites, but her pictures are so awesome. Please check this post out. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. I always get my best desktop backgrounds from her blog.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Danny **UPDATED**

We so love this dog. He's so sweet natured, he not only gets along but plays with every animal in the house, including the cats who are all bigger than he is, and he just loves to be loved on.

He thinks he's a German Shepard in a 14 lb. frame.

And...he likes to sleep with his nose buried under my chin. What's not to love?

He's made our home happier. We've made our home his. It was a perfect match.
*added some more pictures :)

If you wouldn't mind...

I'm asking all my blog buddies to be in prayer for me to come into the right job. Though I don't hate the job I have, and though I enjoy working with the people I do, including most of the customers, the $7.25 an hour simply isn't bring enough into the home for Charlie and I to live on. Working six days a week leaves me no time whatsoever to look for another job. I feel led to take a step out in faith to leave this job and set my sights on finding another one that Charlie and I can live with, but having been out of work for so long before finding this one, I'm hesitant. I know there is no fear in faith, and there is no faith in fear. This is where I need to know that I know that I know that what I am doing is the right thing. That is why I'm asking all of you to take a few seconds to lift us up and ask God that I would be led by His Holy Spirit, and not by my own.

Thank you all, I appreciate you all so very much.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let it start with me

I saw this at Rosemarie's and have to pass it on. You know, sometimes we see, read and hear about all the violence and destruction in the world and blame it on everyone from our politicians to the terrorists. Blame whom you wish, but the solution starts with me, it starts with you, it starts with whomever will make a difference. All things are possible.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Taking a step back...and enjoying it

This is being played a lot at my house lately. Charlie has discovered funk. He asked me the other day if I'd ever heard of Sly and the Family Stone. Yeah, he honestly asked me that. I told him that this was the sort of stuff I was listening to when everyone else was listening to rock and heavy metal. He asked me why I'd never introduced him to it. LOL. He's lovin' funk now. I told him these were a couple of my favorites, he looked them up on itunes, and I've heard them a lot the last couple of days. Remember I grew up in a conservative white (klan county) community. No wonder I am the way I am. :)

Sly and the Family Stone
*note toward the end of video when the audience comes on stage; the white guy in the blue shirt and white pants. Even if you don't like the music, the video is worth watching for this guy. :)

Give Up the Funk by Parliament

Saturday, October 06, 2007

We got more than lunch in Denton

Charlie and I drove up to UNT this weekend to see Casey and take him to lunch. I actually thought this was the weekend for Family Weekend, but that's next weekend. Apparently, I can mess up the easiest of things.
When Casey came out to meet us, I heard Charlie say 'nice hair' as he was getting out of the car. Last time I saw Casey, he had long wavy hair and a full goatee. When I got out of the car, this is what I saw.

We went to visit Casey's room and, sadly, my camera wouldn't work. It's an on again, off again thing with my camera...mostly off. Anyway, I love the way the guys have arranged their room. They've got their beds done as bunk beds against the far wall next to the window, their desks are side by side next to the dresser (top drawer filled with shared snacks) against the middle wall, with their t.v. on a stand, their microwave and refrigerator all against the hall wall. One of the guitars from Guitar Hero was lying in the middle of the floor and another leaning up against the wall with his roommates real guitars. It looked like a guys dorm room. :)

Casey wanted us to go to a place called Frosty's for lunch. He said they make their own root beer and he loved their root beer floats. He told us that it was an old fashioned diner, probably been there since the 70's. His bruising will probably fade soon, lol.

We pulled up to the diner which was a tiny little place that looked like it could be condemned at anytime. There must have been about 5 cars in the parking lot, which was a small, gravel area, and Casey remarks 'looks like it's full'. Charlie and I just sort of looked at each other and Charlie asked 'you have eaten here before, right?' Casey said he'd eaten here several times and it was great. I asked if he'd ever seen any bugs, he said no, so...I'm good to go.

The place was great! We loved it. It had a pinball machine, a pac-man machine and a juke box. I had some of the best fried shrimp I've ever had, some really decent onion rings and a true to the rep, great root beer float. I'll tell you now, it wasn't the cleanest place I've ever been in by a long shot, but it looked like a place that had been around forever. Most of the people coming in were families, a couple of college kids and an elderly couple.

We went shopping after lunch to get Casey some things he needed and a few things I was forcing on him (hey, I am first and foremost a MOM). Honestly, nearly everything I'd ask if he wanted, he'd say 'no Mom, it's too much'. Okay. But I was able to get him some necessities like toilet paper, pop, some breakfast foods. He told me he doesn't get breakfast because his classes are too early to hit the cafeteria. I remember that all too well. So, I stocked them up on things they could 'grab and go' with in the mornings.

This is where everything starts to get a bit fuzzy.
I remember there was some pleading, some rationalization, more pleading, a lot of promises made and the next thing I know...


Charlie and I are on our way to Denton to spend the day with my baby, Casey. I'm so excited to see him. Taking the camera, I'll be back with pictures!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Just another day at work

So, since I'm working at a clothing shop, these are the stories you may occasionally get. Sorry.

I was busy in the shop, working in the front of the store, when the phone begins to ring at the back of the store. As I get towards the back of the store a 300 plus pound, older woman (75 to 80 'ish'), is standing in the aisle with this 2 piece shirt wrapped around her head, shoulders and down her torso to her waist. With the exception of her bra, she was just skin and twisted cloth...but mostly skin. Seriously, there was a lot of skin.

I did not laugh.

I started to ask if I could help her and she said "I've been yelling and yelling for help". I had 2 managers also working and have no idea where they were, but I'd been in the front of the store where I was suppose to be. I told her I was sorry, that I'd been in the front and hadn't heard her. She said she was stuck.

Why yes, yes she was.

She continues to struggle with the clothing as I try to steer her back into the fitting rooms and into the room she'd been using. After awhile of trying to calm her down, I figure out that the shell (which is sewn by it's spaghetti straps to the outer shirt) is twisted around her head, with her head and left arm being through one of the arm holes, her right arm through the neck and her arms through the arms of the outer shirt...but backwards to where the back was in the front and it buttoning up the back.
First I had to get it pulled off of her and off of her arms and around her head. I had to touch a lot of her. I don't like to touch people much, I don't like to touch strangers at all, and I definitely don't like to touch semi naked strangers.
After I got it off of her, she asked if I'd stay and help her get it on correctly. C'mon...please, just shoot me. Seriously, after having had to inch this up off of every inch of her torso and arms, the last thing I wanted to do was put it back on her. So, I said "sure, I'd be happy to". And, I did. The top was a size 32, and I had to s-t-r-e-t-c-h it over her. When I got it on her, I wanted to ask her if she'd like for me to get her a larger size but knew we didn't carry a larger size. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror, then asked if I'd help her get out of it.


After having to get my hands underneath the shell to peel it off of her, she said...

"I knew I wouldn't want it, I've always hated this color".

*Lord, I have no fear of coming home...please don't let me get to be this old. Just take me home before I lose all consideration and common sense, and let my kids enjoy my life insurance.*

When I left the customer to get dressed, my managers were standing outside of the fitting rooms, laughing. One of them asked me what that was all about. I told them it was about how badly I needed $7.25 an hour.