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I'm a single mom with two great kids living near Dallas, Texas. This is my life; day to day things that are probably only important to me. This is my record of my ups, my downs and the road that I've taken along the way. For whatever reason YOU'RE here, I hope you find something you can enjoy and/or relate to. God bless.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm such a 'Joe' kind of girl.

Last week the boys and I went out for dinner and to see Casey's choice for his birthday movie, G.I. Joe. I was as anxious to see it as the boys, because the three of us played a lot with G.I. Joe's as the boys were growing up. I would find it very hard to imagine there was a Joe made that we didn't have at home, or a piece of their equipment, or a vehicle...even clothing. We had it all. We had the large planes and the small planes, the ships and the boats. They slept and bathed with those Joe's. I barely remember the cartoons, but they say they watched them.

Make no mistake, this movie was bad. The kind of bad where people were laughing during the serious parts, impossible to take anything serious kind of bad. However, the boys and I enjoyed it. For over an hour after the film we reminisced about the G.I. Joe's of their childhood. There are a lot of Joe's; Duke, Hawk, Snake Eyes...a lot of Joe's, and it was fun remembering them when their character was in the movie. We talked about what they'd had as boys, even remembering how certain Joe's or certain extras were broken. We'd forgotten so much. The movie was, without a doubt, one of the worst films I've seen, but the memories it brought back and the reminiscing we did after definitely made it worth sitting through.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Reaching Out

Life is never perfect. There are many, many days of smiles, hours upon hours of laughter..but there are tears too. Sadness is part of life. If we never feel sadness, we've failed to feel for others. I want to feel for others; for those I know and those I don't. I want to feel.

There are times I've wept for people I've never met, hours I've spent on my knees praying for those close to me who are racked with sorrow. I believe it's our heart's nature to reach out to others, it's the core of the human spirit to care for others. We're the offspring of a mighty Heart, it's the very foundation of our spirit to reach out to others, to care for those who are in need, to love those who are hurting.

Many times I've witnessed the tears behind a smile, we all have. Someone we know, someone we pass on the street, someone behind a counter. It's our decision to acknowledge their need, their pain...their sorrow, or to walk away. I wonder how many opportunities we've had to ease the distress of another, regardless of how minute, and passed it by because it may have made us feel a moment of discomfort? What opportunities have we passed up, simply to spare ourselves an embarrassing moment? Many times I've been moved to ask someone if they were okay. It's not a big commitment on my end to let someone know I see their pain and that I care. Sometimes that may be all it takes. I've held the hands of strangers as they've cried; not always comfortable, but never a wasted moment. If we're not here for one another, tell me, why are we here?

I honestly feel sorry for those who never feel the pain of others. It must be such a self centered life to never cry over the suffering of someone else. Too strong to cry? Too self controlled to shed a tear for someone whose life is shattered? Jesus wept, my friends, Jesus wept. To know that kind of love for others, it's the ultimate example that Christ set before us to follow. 'He that is first shall be last, and he who is last shall be first' (Matthew 19:30). What an awesome opportunity we're given to instill even the smallest Light to others, to let them know that someone cares for them.

Please, take something away from this post with you today. Please take an extra second to make eye contact with a stranger, to notice the mood of someone next to you in line, to smile at someone as you pass them. The love He's given us, truly, is a terrible thing to waste.

One of my favorites...again, I Can Only Imagine.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Rock Solid

Every word I said, I meant it. Every time I told you I missed you, it was true. Every time I told you I loved you, my heart was demanding to be heard. I'll never change day to day, week to week or month to month. I am rock solid.

So many times I've walked away because I was too honest to stay. Each time I was able to walk away with my head held high, knowing that I was doing what was right. The alternative held no attraction to me, shame had no hold on me. Still.

I had learned as a child to protect my heart. I had built a wall around it that could not be breached, until you. Make no mistake, you did not find a way in; I gave you entrance. I invited you in. I trusted you...I trusted you.

Every day is a lesson. In life, in love...every day a lesson. I'll take what you have taught me, I hope I'll forget what I've forgiven and I'll remember what my heart is capable of. Although each day changes, people rarely do; and as every day is a lesson, I learned a great deal from you.

As I was before you, as I will be after you, I will forever be true to my heart. Though perfection has never been my strong suit, honesty has been. I am today as I was yesterday, as I was last week and as I was last month, rock solid.