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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

He Wants To Serve

I remember several years ago kidding with my friend, Dale,who lives in Canada, that I would take my boys and move there before I'd let one of them be drafted. Not that I don't believe in serving our country, but because I don't think I could go four years without breathing. As it turns out, I may be testing that whole not breathing for four years thing after all. Charlie has decided that he wants to put off college until after he serves our country in the Marines.

We're visiting recruiters of all the branches, mostly at my insistence, because I want him to be aware of all his options. Apparently, when he turned 18, they are his options now and not mine, because mine would be for him to go to college, get a great education, then a great job and then begin to raise a family.

I know legally that 18 is considered a man. I'm sure most moms would agree with me that that is not always the case.


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