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I'm a single mom with two great kids living near Dallas, Texas. This is my life; day to day things that are probably only important to me. This is my record of my ups, my downs and the road that I've taken along the way. For whatever reason YOU'RE here, I hope you find something you can enjoy and/or relate to. God bless.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lost My Corn

I need to find clothing that comes equipped with airbags. Yeah, go ahead and read it again...clothing with airbags. As a friend recently reminded me, I am such a klutz.
As I posted last time, I had the MRI's on my shoulder and neck on Friday. Though I'm not in anywhere near as much pain as I was a few weeks ago, thanks to the medi pack of steroids I've been taking ( along with the vicodin, thank you very much), I've still been in a bit of discomfort with my right shoulder and anything that uses muscles attached to that shoulder. Notice the lack of posting?
Anyway, Saturday morning the boys and I are going to take in a movie. Mark is working and by 11:30 when the boys roll outta bed, we're already bored and decide to catch 'An American Haunting' at noon. We'd all had just gotten up, so no one had had breakfast and we loaded up at the movies. Loading up for me is a large bottled water and a small popcorn.
Now, my boys like to sit in the first few rows and I like to sit near the back (top, whatever) and in the middle, with no one in front of me so I can put my feet up. That's just me, I'll pay for two seats if I have to, but the seat in front of me is mine too. Do not sit in front of me, trust me, you'll regret it and soon move.
Since I'm not able to do much with my right arm yet, I'm trying to carry my bag and my water with my left hand and my popcorn with my right hand. Casey opens the door leading to the stairs for me and then they take the other door to go to the floor seats. I'm climbing the stairs, all by my lonesome, when someone pulls a step right out from underneath my right foot. Well, that's what it felt like anyway. I don't quite remember how it all went down, only that I went down...hard...and slid. Fell face down, and since my hands were full, I couldn't catch myself. I tried to turn my head cause the only thought I remember having was that I was going to land on my mouth and lose all my teeth. So, I try to turn my head, hit the steps hard with my left shoulder and my right knee with my butt up in the air as I go sliding down about 5 or 6 steps.
Of course, I lost all my corn. I just laid there for 20 minutes, okay, it was 20 seconds probably, but the only reason I forced myself up, because I was hurting, was because I was afraid someone would see me. I'm woman enough to admit that my butt being up in the air on the back stairs to a movie theater would appeal to a very few, and none of them were there, so, I was embarrassed. When I tried to get myself up, I realize that I've pulled the muscles in my back...and that my right knee is skinned and bleeding...and that I'm in a lot of pain. But, I had managed to keep all my teeth in tact. That's always a plus at the end of my day. But that's probably just me.
I'm going to admit this openly here, I cried throughout most of the film. Quietly. I'd hate to have taken anything away from the screamer sitting about 15 seats down my isle... Serioulsy, she's lucky I wasn't on top of my game or I'd been hostile to her, or moved. In my condition, I did neither. But my back was in muscle spasms throughout the film, my knee throbbing and bleeding...and I'd lost all my popcorn!
So, I've been down since Saturday. Was on the heating pad, until said friend told me I should be on ice, most of the weekend. (shhhh, don't tell, but I went back to heat because it feels better than with ice) The doctor gave me some muscle relaxers and between those and the vicodin, I've been able to rest, sleep and stay relaxed. When you pull the muscles in your back, even breathing can be painful...so being relaxed is major.
The boys and Mark did spring cleaning on Sunday. They brought me my Mother Day cards and breakfast to me in bed and they gave me exactly what I'd wanted (which I'm embarrassed to mention here, because it makes me sound so shallow, but the older I get the less I try to hide that fact). And...Mark fixed me popcorn that evening, he's so sweet. I'm not kidding here, the guy is the best sometimes. Well...when I'm rational.
There you have it, I honestly need to have some sort of physical protection around me 24/7, because I am an actual danger to myself. I'm just really glad I didn't waste my money on a larger bag of popcorn.


Blogger :phil: said...

Hi Kathi,
Sorry to took a fall, sounds like it hurt. Falling in public is always fun isn't it? It makes me want to use the Pee-Wee Herman line "I meant to do that".
Wow, vicodin. I'm stuck with these lousy percocets that I eat like sweet tarts and I still ache.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

We don't bounce back the way we used to do we. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Leesa said...

So you have a popcorn related injury, and doting spouse gives you popcorn. Perhaps I am not connecting the dots here. Oh, kathi, I so want to be you sometimes.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

Oh Kathi..Im so sorry. That sucks..but I have to say that I giggled a little bit..but it wasnt at your pain i promise! I like how you write it funny no matter what..

Hope you are feeling better..

11:28 AM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

Owwwww!!! That really sounded as though it hurt like hell! I once was sitting in the very front row on a double date when I was like 17 yrs old--- and I went up to go to the bathroom, and the theater was PACKED! And I was wearing those 'flats'--those shoes that look like heels, but they're flat---and slippery, ... (You know where I'm going with this...)

BOOM! I fell face first into the aisle. Then when I tried getting up again...."BOOM!" Again I fell.

The entire crowd of people STOOD UP and clapped and went, "Woof woof woof woof!"---that Arsenial Hall 'woofin' type of thing when he was big back then.

THAT was the most embarrassing time of my life. I went in the bathroom and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So humiliating!

I hope you feel better! Remind me to never go to the movies with you--we'll both need protection!

12:01 PM  
Blogger kathi said...

phil ~ well, you'd think I'd be use to falling in public by now, but nope, it never gets old.

mike ~ bounce, lol. Kinda glad I don't bounce. :)

leesa ~ it'd only take once, darlin, and you'd not want for it again.

anne ~ lol, I was laughing while I wrote it too, so don't feel bad.

deb ~ if there were any two people who'd probably not be safe together in public...it'd be us.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Katy said...

Let me guess? You were wearing your beloved Crocs. Something tells me so, probably not with the straps on either.
Hope you are doing ok. Did the shoulder get reinjured? The Dr. is going to start to think you might have a domestic problem. No one falls this often. Maybe he should read your Blog.

2:55 PM  
Blogger The Real Kidd said...

Holy cow girl! I hope you are feeling better soon. Dang, my back hurts just reading that post. Ouch.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Casually Me said...

Goodness woman...please take care of yourself. How about a bubble? You can be the bubble blogger. I'm not sure hubby is so fond of the saving the teeth thing, but again...that could be me...haha. Ice...heat...Ice...heat...off and on...it will heal....

3:26 PM  
Blogger Kellie said...

Oh man!!!! There is nothing more embarrassing! :( lol sorry for the laugh at your expense- hope you are a-okay!

3:57 PM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

Don’t feel bad Kath—I mean I have the audacity to wear high heels. What the hell am I thinking? There was a time I was walking down in Little Italy in Manhattan, and one of my heels got caught in a sewage grate.

See Deb walk.
See Deb’s heel poke through a hole.
See Deb go BOOM on the hard cold concrete.

I’m pathetic. Please come to New York and balance my ass out!

It's even more fun when I drink! Can you even imagine?

5:42 PM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

P.S. I'm surprised Taylor didn't fall off the stage tonight. Who you voting for missy???

7:25 PM  
Blogger kathi said...

katy ~ lol, what else would I be wearing, I've got 6 pairs, they're the only shoes I wear! You're right about the Dr., too funny!

kidd ~ awwww, thanks...but I don't share my vicoden!

tom ~ yeah, a bubble would work, the boys could just yell "watch out" and roll me where ever we went...that works.

kellie ~ my cute little bride!! Yeah, if I hadn't been in extreme pain, I'd been laughing. I always laugh at myself.

deb ~ swappin stories, are we missy?? Okay then. I got my heel caught in an escalator and went down on my knees, in a praying position, at the top and the old lady behind me fell over me. Yeah...of course I was in my 20's and loaded and thought it was hysterical at the time.
Your turn, bring it...I've got more. LOL

7:28 PM  
Blogger kathi said...


7:33 PM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

A month ago I fell down a flight of stairs because of my 3 inch platform flip-flops. I ended up on my back on the floor below (shush) and Madelene had to run downstairs to pick my sorry ass up. I think I damaged my liver. Maybe that was the booze though. Who knows.


P.S. Chris was too cocky and he 'knew' he was good. Modesty goes a long way. McPhee or Taylor are in. That goofball Eliott is gone tomorrow. Not that my ESP is kickin' in here or anything. Eh-hem.

9:16 PM  
Blogger kathi said...

Going up the stairs in the middle of the high school, I caught my heel on the step, breaking it and when I went to the next step and put my weight on it, I fell backwards, down about 10 steps with my books and purse going everywhere. Students ran from all over to see if I was okay, and I had kids for days asking me if I needed help walking...smartasses.

9:41 PM  
Blogger kathi said...

p.s. Apparently you're as deaf as you are clumsy...lol! GO!

9:42 PM  
Blogger kathi said...

p.s.s. I'd already read that story about falling down the stairs in your 3 inch flip flop on your blog...not fair!!

9:44 PM  
Blogger joey♥ said...

i hope you're doing okay. i can't imagine the pain you're in, but i am also a fellow klutz :/

11:10 PM  
Blogger sassinak said...

oh honey that sucks.

did you at least check the step for soil to know if you had any rights?

that sounds like a physio level injury to me.

<-- neurotic i know

anyway i'm really sad to hear that you're more injured. from now on the kids take your stuff to the seats and then get theirs :)


1:10 AM  
Blogger LoveLladro said...

Kathi - so sorry to hear about your fall... pain is one thing but pain and embarassment... oh the nightmare ;~( I hope you are feeling better ~ prayers from Maryland for ya!

7:59 AM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

Last week at my friend's shower I fell down the lawn that led to the driveway because my wedged high heels were unstable...not me of course...and got grass stains all over my bum.

And no. I'm not deaf. He just sounds like every guy on the radio---from Three Doors Down, Creed, and other guys who sound alike. THE SAME OL' SAME OL'. You just like his bald head. Admit it.

Did you like my writing about you Kathi? ;)

7:59 AM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

Your turn. *sticks out tongue*

8:00 AM  
Blogger The Real Kidd said...

Dang! *grin* A girl can try can't she?

8:48 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Hahaha! Why didn't you have your sons usher you to your seat? I know someone saw you fall or at least heard the fall. You definitely need a bodyguard.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Georgiapeach said...

I am so bad! I have to start all the way down here and work my way up. :)

1:42 PM  

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