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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Today's Quote 09/07/05

This is from a post by 'Marla Singer', with her permission.

How can you undermine you son’s death Ms. Sheehan? How can you drag his cause through the Crawford mud? How would he feel if he could see his mother, the celebrity pawn? Instead of protesting the cause for which your son gave his life, perhaps you would best serve his memory by honoring his life work? Admittedly, the war in Iraq has cost us the lives of nearly 2000 of our nation’s most noble youth since the advent of our second coalition in Iraq. That this is a high price is not refuted! However, these servicemen fight for a just cause. Do not forget that in the past weeks terrorists have claimed the lives of innocents: 56 in London, 88 in Egypt, and HUNDREDS in multiple Iraqi car bombings-the latest of which killed people on the way home from funerals for loved ones claimed in the previous week’s bombing. Should they not be stopped? Or do we await another disaster on our soil (of which civilian life lost in one day is greater than the whole of our forces' casualies) to reinspire the fires of outrage in our flighty liberal friends?

Thanks Marla, for putting into words what many of us are feeling.


Blogger Romeo Jensen said...

I cant help but think that if the radical... george soros... cindy sheehan, move on dot com liberal crowd would support out effort in stopping the spread of islamic fundimentalism... instead of blatently encouraging... supporting and aiding them... we could have cleaned up Iraq over a year ago... politics and war dont mix... well... this all coming from a Calvinistic leaning predistinationist christian who still believes God is in total control of all world events... heck even hurricanes!

3:21 PM  
Blogger kathi said...

romeo: Who'd of thought? You continue to impress me.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:19 PM  

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