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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's a bad thing??

Borrowing this from 1st LT Medical Platoon Leader Lance Frizzell, currently serving in Northern Iraq.

Mayor Nagin Blames Bush for Lower Body Count:
by Scott Ott
(2005-09-12) -- New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin today blamed President George Bush for the lower-than-expected number of bodies discovered in the receding flood waters, and said it's part of a White House campaign "to prevent
black people from getting what they deserve."
Last week, Mayor Nagin predicted that as many as
10,000 corpses would be found due to the Bush administration's slow response to the crisis, however, so far the total number of flood-related deaths is closer to 200.
"We were on track to have the most horrifying natural disaster in America's history," said the mayor, "but Bush knew that would generate huge compassion and lots of cash flowing to this predominantly-black community."
The former cable TV executive said that if the death count remains in the hundreds, rather than thousands, the big question will be 'who benefits?'
"Follow the money," said Mr. Nagin. "Low body-count means less federal aid and less redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor black folks of my city. You don't have to be a cable guy to figure out that this benefits George Bush and his rich cronies."

Who benefits? Hmmmm, perhaps those who didn't have to be among the 'death count'?


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