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I'm a single mom with two great kids living near Dallas, Texas. This is my life; day to day things that are probably only important to me. This is my record of my ups, my downs and the road that I've taken along the way. For whatever reason YOU'RE here, I hope you find something you can enjoy and/or relate to. God bless.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My Photo Blog

One of the commenter's from yesterday, Crystalsmiledragon, also has a photo blog that she tries to update daily. Thus the name: Random Almost-Daily Pictures. I like this idea, as it'll force me to take more time to do something I love. So, just a note that I'm going to try to update my photo blog with at least one new picture a day. PLEASE don't feel obligated to look, just wanted to share what I'm doing.


Blogger SmileDragon said...

Thanks for the linkage.

8:01 AM  
Blogger kathi said...

crystal ~ my pleasure!

8:05 AM  
Blogger SmileDragon said...

I put descriptions on my pictures, I'm getting ready to put up a few more pics.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

you want me to visit more blogs? sheesh

10:50 AM  
Blogger kathi said...

shawn ~ I'm such a pain in your butt, huh?

12:23 PM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

Y'all copyrighting?????????

If not----you should! Do it in a collection format and send it to the copyright office in Washington.


I love your stuff Kath!

3:20 PM  
Blogger SmileDragon said...

Thanks for the suggestion Deb.

2:35 PM  

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