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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Well received gifts

We all saw 'Four Brothers' today (my late birthday movie). Charlie and I loved it, Mark and Casey said..."It was alright". Honestly, I think it may become one of my favorites. I'll be seeing it again soon.
Mark really seems to like the gift I got from Kathleen's and my shopping expedition yesterday. I'm really glad. I was a little hesitant about giving it to him, but he honestly likes it. I got him a spice rack that has a flat sheet of stainless steel as a back and the the spice containers are round stainless steel jars that have a rubber magnetic back to them so that no matter how you hang it or where you put it, they can't fall off until you take one off. The lids can turn to shake or measure out and are glass so they are see through. We've got the spices in the jars and labeled. There are 12 spice jars in all. You can lean it or hang it. Mark wants to hang it on the wall next to the stove. I won't be able to reach it, but I rarely cook anyway. Mark is an awesome cook, as was his dad. So, I'm thrilled that he likes his gift. Again, got it at LUXE...check the place out, it's very cool.
*Update: pics of the spice rack


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